The Year of the Hangman – Chapter 1

Week 1 – Question 1

This novel deals with alternate history. Think about other major events in history and what might have happened if they turned out differently. Give an example of one historical event and then explain how the world would have been different if the event had ended differently.

8 thoughts on “The Year of the Hangman – Chapter 1

  1. what if Benjamin Franklin had not done his experiment with the key and the kite? I’m sure that someone would have figured it out but I think we would have had many setbacks to become as advanced in technology as we are today without electricity.

  2. What if 911 did not happened. would there not be so much sucuraty at airports or on airplanes and would something happen like that in years to come. also would we be better friends with the people who did it
    ,would most of the people still be alive and would still be going along with there lives. would they????

  3. I wonder what the world would be like if the south had won the civil war. Would everybody who didn’t agree with them be made slaves themselves? Would there be slaves everywhere or just in the United States? Would it always be that way or would we do something about it?

  4. I think it would have been much different if that one lady presidential candidate had won the election instead of Obama. There would have been a First Man instead of a First Lady. But it is still different to have a black president instead of a white.

  5. I think America would be very different if the south beat the north in the Civil war. I wonder if we would be slaves or slave owners?

  6. I think that America would a lot different if the world had not invented Nuclear bombs and misiles because the russians would not have dropt nuclear bombs on us and we would have more buildings and more employment and less wars(using nuclear wepons).

  7. What if Germany had won WW1? In some ways that would be, believe it or not, good. think about it. in WW2, tens of millions of people died. soldiers and jews. but why did the war happen in the first place? Germany was striving for power which which would have been obtained in WW1.

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