Week 2 – Question #1

Week 2 – Question #

Creighton had been kicked out of a couple schools for his behavior and was often having to start over at new schools. Think about a time when you had to start at a new school – maybe because you moved or maybe because you are starting at the next level of school (from grade school to middle school for example). What was the thing that scared you the most about having to start at a new school?

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  1. Moving from Preschool to Elementary School freaked me out because I thought that I was going to have a lot of homework. (I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get homework in Kindergarten)

  2. I remember moving at the age of three to a new city. I was feeling very lonely. The best cure for loneliness in a new place is meeting someone else new. I speak from the voice of experience. So, when I was nervous about the new school, I could look forward to playing with that friend. Whenever I made a new friend, I would find her and introduce her to the new friend and she would introduce me to hers.

  3. Personally this book kinda offends me (it’s still a good book) because it’s about the americans being crushed and im american. If this book was reality I wouldn’t be alive.

  4. I think that I am kinda scared and nervoes for middle school cause its new and big so im afraid i might get lost or forget my locker number. but on the other part of me im exited and happythat i get to make new friends(But i will miss a lot of P.S.I.)

  5. Once in preschool, I was put in a different class and I didn’t know anyone but it was a lot more fun than my other class.

  6. I was really scared when I was switching from preschool to kindergarten, (and going to a new building) but it helped that I had some friends going to the same school.

  7. When I moved to the neighborhood I now live in, I was really sad to leave all of my neighbors and at the time, I knew no one at where I now lived. But I’ve gotten to know my neighbors and it’s much better.

  8. I’m pretty lucky. the only school i’ve had to move from was lake harriett preschool. but that dosent mean that i havent had expiriences that are similar. probably the worst part is that you try to do what the new people do(blend in)and they look at you funny. my solution was to share what i do for fun.then its a lot easier.

  9. I remember when I changed from pre-school to kindergarden at PSI and I was pretty nervous about it but I ended up making a lot of new friends and everything turned out fine.

  10. Not knowing how to speak spanish because you transferred to a complete spanish school in second grade from an English school.

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