Week 3 Question #1

When it is clear that he will be captured aboard his ship, Creighton’s uncle quickly tries to burn all the important papers so they don’t fall in the hands of the Americans. He burns almost all of the documents but not all of them. If you were in this situation on the ship what would you have done to destroy the evidence?

15 thoughts on “Week 3 Question #1

  1. I would have shredded them and thrown them in the water. The other thing he could have done was eat them… I mean, some people eat paper so he could’ve. (I wouldn’t!!!) The burning idea wasn’t bad, it’s just that he didn’t grab that last piece of paper. YIKES!

  2. I would have either ripped the papers and thrown them in the water or like Baire7 said eaten the i wouldn’t have enjoyed eating them but still sure burning was a good idea but still no i wouldn’t burn them

  3. I think that he should have down exactly what Baire 7 said rip the pieces and then throw them inthe water(Baire7 I did not copie you andgood minds think alike : ) )

  4. He couldn’t throw it in the water because he was in a CABIN! I think he should have eaten them (not just copying you Baire7 and pmblue7)

  5. I would not have burned the papers; it could’ve started a fire. Tearing the papers to shreds– if I had enough time to rip them so much nobody could piece them together, I would have. But in Creighton’s situation, I would not have that much time.i would have thrown them into the water if there was no deck below, or if there even was an open window, but I do believe neither of those choices were possible. I would be totally against consuming them, but if that was the only option, I would have. Or shoved them into some article of clothing.
    Sorry this was such a long comment!

  6. i’m not saying this to be funny, but i would have fed them to a dog. that way there would be no way for the americans to get them.

  7. I would have probably ripped them up and shoved then up my coat pocket, or I would have thrown them out the window, well if there was a window. I am not good at thinking of stuff like that on the spot.

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