Week 3 Question #2

Creighton often describes America in a negative way – as a wilderness, a land without formal traditions and customs. Why do you think someone from England might think this about America at this time period?

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  1. Probably because some of the americans did not agree with the king of England and they thought it was not proper to not obbey the king of england

  2. They would look down on our customs and traditions because they are so “formal”. Some things would be the same, but most things are different. For example, they would dissaprove of McDonald’s because it is so informal.

  3. C- I think that they would think it was uncivilized, the Americans were rowdy and everyone liked to do improper things and that it was like a lower-class neighborhood in a tiptop high-class neighborhood(that metaphor mean that the Brits thought that America was less high-class than England).

  4. at that time the people who went to america usually went to get away from there leaders. The people who did stay probably thought they were traitors

  5. Like many other people said, probably because we were so informal. I mean, they probably thought informality is as bad as picking your nose or something gross like that.

  6. well first of all, its a new place(it needs time to develop)but that’s not the main reason. the main reason is that like all new arrivals, its different from what hes used to.

  7. Well at the time the colonists were rebelling against them so if somebody was rebelling against me I wouldn’t think very highly of them. they weren’t very friendly to each other, well they were both trying to kill each other! As we learned from the first chapter the british people liked to play hangman but not guess the person so they could watch them hang. Like “giggity” said, they probobly thought the land was wasted on the colonists who were aways being rowdy and fighting them for even more freedom. So there thats my thoughts

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