Here is a link to a new study link. Please work through the vocabulary. Select 10 words which are new or interesting to you.

Respond in one of the following manners.

1) Use in a short story or description.

2) Use the word in a sentence.

3) Explain why you like the word and how you might use it in the future.


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  1. 1. brandish, And now, I will brandish my sword!
    2. buffoon, The man who entered the diner proved to be a big buffoon.
    3. currency, I went to the bank to get my currency.
    4. daft, Frank proved not to be daft.
    5. gallows, Creighton thought the gallows were gross.
    6. laceration, I had a laceration on my big toe.
    7.peevishly, No, you do it this way I said peevishly.
    8. rancid, The bar was rancid from drinks.
    9. rotund, My uncle was very rotund but he went on a diet.
    10. ruffian, A lot of people are ruffians if they kidnap.

  2. #1 raucous: that boy was raucous.(loud)
    #2 rancid: boy that smells rancid!
    #3 chaos: there was a huge chaos.
    #4 reproach: the man was reproachful of his son.
    #5 repress: the man repressed his money.
    #6 antagonize: I antagonize my sisters.
    #7 carnage: the man committed carnage.(murder)
    #8 watchmen: the watchman was out during the night.(police)
    #9 knave: that person is knave.(untrustworthy)
    #10 decipher: I deciphered the code,

  3. I am writing a story with the words that I chose. My book/story is a kind of romance book. It is called, Forever and always. I will hopefully have it done by next Tuesday. SEE YA!

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